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You’ve heard my opinion and now I’d like to hear yours. Talk to me, talk to each other, and talk to the Yankees.

As much as I’d like to hear your opinion, please keep it appropriate for our younger fans.” Thank you!

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24 thoughts on “Opinion”

  1. It’s not just the Yankees – I dropped my cable subscription when I saw the extra charge for “sports programming.” Now even college rugby is on prime-time TV! What’s next – badminton?

    1. Lol, you’re right, Rita. It’s not just the Yankees, but I needed to start somewhere to see the response and if I could rally people. If my campaign against the Yankees was successful, I could begin other sports and hopefully get other people to organize against the their team.

  2. How about the dumb deals that give so much taxpayer money, directly or indirectly, to subsidize new ballparks for billionaire franchise owners, in NYC and in many other towns?

    1. Isn’t that crazy? We pay for the stadium through tax dollars, and cable subscriptions, and apparel, and tickets; it doesn’t end and they don’t care. We are why they can afford to offer players hundreds of millions. Hundreds of millions to play baseball. Something is wrong. several million is fine because they are special people, but we need to draw a line in the stand. Thanks for commenting Keith.

  3. When I drive to Yankee games I usually get off the Deegan at exit 6 and park in the lot right on the Harlem river. A couple of years ago they took away the port-a-potties which made pre-gaming more difficult, especially for my wife and daughter. Last year I went with a cooler full of burgers and dogs, as I always do. Upon entering the lot and paying a ridiculous price, I was told grilling is no longer allowed. So now what? Well, I grilled the food anyway, trying to keep the smoke to a minimum, but vowed never park there again. I’m pretty much done with going to games unless someone gives me a ticket. It’s just gotten too expensive and no respect from the organization.

    1. So true William, not only do they want to charge you $40 to park, they want you to spend outrageous amounts of money on their products. You got it right when you say there’s no respect toward the fans, and we are the ones who bankroll their entire operation. i look forward to our first walkout.

      1. This transcends Baseball, it has enveloped all sports, the very people who made their very existence possible. (not the players or the owners the FANS) have been left behind to pick up the bill, while they play for outrageous amounts of money and the fans can barely afford a jersey.

        1. That’s right my friend. If we start with the Yankees and it spreads across to all of sports, we could end this madness! Thanks for your comment!

  4. I fully hope your grassroots program works, i have only been to two pro games in my life (sorry guys it was the Mets) as that was because i received the tickets for FREE! I feel all pro sports is way to expensive for the local average person when you put together all the other over priced thing we all pay for month to month. I feel most can agree that their cable/satellite bills are to high, look at the YES NETWORK? And i could go on and on but there is no point we all know. So good luck maybe next month i will come back and purchase some of your items.

  5. Growing up in NY in the 70’s and 80’s the games were broadcast for free on TV. I grew up watching these games and became a fan. My children do not have this opportunity as I refuse to pay for TV when the cable stations also have commercials to make money from.
    Going to a game now is too expensive for the average family. I went to the new Yankee Stadium one time because I got a free ticket. I can go see a local college game for free or just a few $ and have great seats.
    The American Pastime is Past it’s Time.

    1. Hi John, First I want to say, I’m sorry for the delayed response! You tell a sad story that has been told to me time and time again. Your line, “The American Pastime is Past its time” says it all. Let’s all stick together. Please spread the word!

  6. Hooray! I I have said this for years. Whenever someone complains about the high cost or the salaries–of these overpaid spoiled “entitled generation” brats–that the fans have the power to stop it! Hopefully this is just the start of a movementšŸ¤‘

    1. You said it right, Holly. It made me crazy when Robinson Cano said that the Yankees offer of over $20 million a year for 7 years was disrespect. Does he even know the meaning of the word disrespect or is he that arrogant? People said he had no choice but to take the Seattle’s deal. Of course he had a choice. Money is the root of all kinds of evil.

  7. I’ve been saying this for a long time man brings a family of four even if he purchases cheap seats by the time you buy then a hot dog it’s a two or three hundred dollar day when I got out of the army in 75 in Dodger stadium $4.50 for ground tier about 3rd or 4th row half way between home plate and third year every thing was season tickets below the second tier except behind center field wall.

    1. Major League Baseball should regulate ticket sales: they start at $5 and go no higher than $45. If owners could still afford to pay players whatever they ask for, then let them. If not, then we’ll see the last of the $30 million a year ballplayer. I don’t think anyone would lose sleep over that. It’s a real disgrace what’s happened, and we’re allowing it by supporting these overpaid prima donnas.

  8. I saw you on FOX and my opinion is a free-market system they can charge what they want. I don’t follow baseball, but I am assuming the Yankees aren’t having problems filling the seats at the current prices. Basic Econ 101.
    As for how much the players get paid, that’s a function of how much revenue the team/player brings in. It’s why athletes get paid more than teachers,nurses etc. You told Melissa how much is too much, that’s a personal view, but I don’t begrude people who make that much money as it doesn’t take anything from me(i have more of an issue with my property taxes being raised to pay for teacher and administrator salaries when I don’t have any kids)

    1. Hi Joe, it affects those who love a team. Many don’t go to games anymore because of high ticket prices. If fans organize MLB cannot ignore us and they will have to lower ticket prices. I’m not against paying these guys a lot of money because they are special individuals. They are not educating our children in the classroom or nursing people back to health, but they have their role in society. Human beings love entertainment, and we will pay for it. Again, they should get paid well, but we need to draw a line in the sand regarding what “well” is. There’s enough $ to go round so that fans could take their families to see a game whenever they want and players and owners could still rake in plenty of cash. Thank you for your comment.

  9. With cities paying for stadiums (which they will never see a profit), there should be price caps on concessions as well. A hotdog should not exceed $1.50, sodas- under 2 bucks for a large, beer-$2.50. The vendors have to jack up costs to pay the rent. We own the stadiums. Make the teams cover the costs, not the fans.

    1. You are right Greg. Thank you for your comment! If MLB regulated stadium pricing the average American would be able to bring his/her family to games whenever he or she wanted. Stadiums would be filled with fans and players would still make more money than they could spend, just not all the money they could spend in 5 lifetimes.

  10. This is just not in MLB, but all across the sports spectrum….(football, basketball, golf just for examples). Greed, both by the players and the owners have pushed sports mainly out of reach of 80% of the people in the US. The taxpayers have to pay for the stadium, the players and the ever richer owners. Like you say, when will it end. There is only one answer to that and that is when the fans finally get fed up and stop going to games, stop voting for new stadiums every 20 years and start telling the owners that they will not attend games or buy those t-shirts until they bring all the prices back down. It must be the fans who dictate the end.

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